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Only professional bedbug exterminators using thermal bedbug heat techniques can rid enclosed areas of bedbug infestations. With their tiny, flat bodies, ability to survive one year without feeding on blood and propensity to reproduce exponentially, bedbugs represent an insect pest that may be the most difficult to eliminate. In addition, bedbugs are equipped with superior senses that can immediately detect the presence of pesticide odors. Scurrying away from chemical odors at lightning speed means that pesticides are useless against these hardy, biting bugs.

Signs of a Bedbug Infestation

  • Bites that have red spots in the center of them. Painless at first, they quickly begin to itch intensely, developing a welt-like appearance.
  • Bedclothes spotted with tiny pinpoints of blood or dark spots indicating excrement.
  • A musty, disagreeable odor in the areas that are infested. Bedbugs have scent glands that release a foul-smelling chemical similar to moldy clothing or decaying raspberries.
  • Waking up in the morning with itchy spots on your skin where no itching existed before you went to bed.

Don’t waste time with pesticides that do absolutely nothing to kill bedbugs. Only extreme heat has been proven to eradicate a bedbug infestation in one visit from a professional bedbug exterminator using a heating device that raises the temperature in the infested area to 120°F for about 90 minutes. Benefits of thermal bedbug heat for bedbug extermination purposes include:

  • Kills bedbugs at all life stages, from egg to adult
  • Non-toxic–presents no danger to children or pets
  • Heat reaches into the tiniest crevices where bedbugs hide and lay eggs
  • No need to wash and dry all items exposed to the infestation. Our thermal bedbug heat techniques use no pesticides or chemicals–just safe, clean heat.

Thermal Bedbug Heat uses K-9′s that are certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association and have been trained to detect bedbug infestations in residential homes, commercial establishments, hospitals, nursing homes and any enclosed areas where a bedbug infestation is suspected.

Attempting to eliminate bedbugs without professional assistance will result in a worsening infestation. Get rid of biting, itching, smelly bedbugs today with safe and effective thermal bedbug heat techniques.

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